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Limestone Flooring

Limestone tiles are hardwearing and make the ideal compliment to any home.

Laid down over countless millennia, Limestone is formed by layers of marine organisms deposited on the sea floor and compressed to create a stone of intriguing texture and character.

Marble Flooring

Marble tiles are particularly hard wearing and suitable for use in bathrooms, kitchens etc. Marble is the result of extreme heat and pressure applied to Limestone. Rich and warm it can be highly polished creating a lustrous illusion of depth or antiqued for a more rustic or traditional look.
Light Emperador
Taurus Black Marble
Crema Marfil Honed
Crema Marfil Polished

Mosaic and Mouldings

Natural stone mosaics have been in existence for centuries and no wonder, their applications are endless. They are perfect for insets or used on their own to create a truly unique statement within your home. Our range of Natural stone mosaics and moulding perfectly complements our range of indoor tiles.

Marble Effect Porcelain Tiles

The Venetian range mimics the rich variability of natural marble in a wide array of different patterns and colours. Because they combine the characteristics of a number of marbles rather than merely replicating them, these tiles are unique in their own right. Offering a high degree of variation from tile to tile, and available with a complementary mosaic, they can be used on walls and floors to create sumptuous and sophisticated interior schemes.

Wood Effect Porcelain Tiles

The porcelain tile range of wood effect tiles and marble effect tiles are produced exclusively by an Italian tile producer who leads the World in quality and range of their porcelain tile products. Driftwood range captures elemental beauty of sun bleached and wave weathered wood whilst the Venetian range mimics the rich variability of natural marble across its tiles and mosaics. The textures and colours we have selected for our wood effect and marble effect tile and mosaic ranges offer breathtaking contemporary and classical styles for use on your floor and walls; a hard wearing and easy to maintain solution to transform your home.

Standstone Flooring

Our range of Sandstone tiles are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Sandstone is a rock formation of coarse sand, quartz and cementing materials such as clay. Colours vary throughout the spectrum according to regions from greys to yellows to reds and whites.

Slate and Quartzite

Our Slate & Quartzite tiles are taken from fine grained rocks formed from layers of shale and clay deposits, quartzite being subject to particularly high temperatures. With its tracery of textures and its enchanting pallet of colours giving it enormous potential for floors and walls it is both hard wearing, flexible and practical.

Tavertine Flooring

Travertine tiles are hard wearing and versatile; at home both on floors and walls. Travertine can be found in a vast spectrum of colours and textures. Formed by water travelling through Limestone and emerging at hot springs, cooling rapidly, the minerals it collects on its journey are captured as rich and creamy colours.
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